Alferova Ksenia

Achievements: Master of Sports of Russia in Rhythmic gymnastics. She is a graduate of the Lesgaft National State University.

Trainer’s experience: more than 8 years.
"During my rhythmic gymnastics work, I went from a coach of initial training and general development groups to a coach of sports improvement groups.
I trained with the best rhythmic gymnastics specialists, such as Yanina Alla Nikolaevna, Shatalina Nadezhda Nikolaevna (Honored coaches of Russia who trained World champions and Olympic champions), Daria Kondakova (Honored Master of Sports, World Champion) and other world-class specialists.
I have trained gymnasts who have completed different sports level, including candidates for master of sports. Many of them have repeatedly been part of the club's national team and performed at major national and international championships".

"Gymnastics for me is a way of life that I like. This is what I try to pass on to my gymnasts. My priority is to educate a healthy generation of gymnasts who love sports and lead an active lifestyle".

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