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  •  I brought my daughter to Pirouette club at the age of 3. I, like many other moms, gave her for the sake of her health so that the girl would have a beautiful posture and a slim figure... The club has such a friendly and homely atmosphere that my daughter immediately fell in love with artistic gymnastics, this graceful and beautiful sport. My daughter has been training for 4 years now. The classes are held in small groups, so there is an individual approach to each girl. A special thanks to our coach Kseniya Sergeyevna Alfyorova for her support, faith, and contribution to my daughter. We take part in both club and away competitions regularly. The organization in the club is always at the highest level, starting from the training areas (comfortable spacious areas with high ceilings and Swedish walls) and ending with club competitions. All conditions are created so that you want to come back here again and again, like to your own home, where you will always be greeted with a smile. Thank you Pirouette club for the love of your work and the love for children.
  • My child has been attending the "Pirouette" club for almost 10 years, almost since its foundation. And these 10 years have been an inseparable part of her and my life. It's such a huge piece of our family's life. My daughter isn't just practicing gymnastics at the club for sporting achievement and health maintenance, she's growing up and developing here, making friends, traveling, and learning about the world. And surprisingly, I'm doing it all with her. At the club, we have met many like-minded people who we have become friends with and with whom we enjoy talking. We have parted ways with some, but those who are closest to us spiritually have always stayed with us. We have had different coaches, but they have all left a mark in our hearts. And there are many memories associated with all of them. We have visited so many places that we would never have been to if not for competitions.
    Perhaps none of this would have been possible without a well-organized base, scrupulous and careful approach to all details from the leadership, and most importantly, to the children and parents. Yes, I want to emphasize the special attention to beauty in our club, the decoration of our club events. It was nice to see how our club becomes bigger, more beautiful and stronger every year, behind the success of all of our girls.

  • "Pirouette" is a true fairy tale! It's a story where hardworking and talented Cinderella always becomes a princess! And the competitions at the "Pirouette" club are the ball where graceful Cinderella gymnasts turn into princesses.
    Eight years ago, Varya first came to "Pirouette," and it became part of our family's life. Yes, not only Varya's but all of us.
    You can't help but be involved in this magical process if your child is involved in this beautiful sport! Eight years of hard work, victories and defeats, friendship and loyalty to the club and coaches! And happiness - to be a part of the best rhythmic gymnastics club “Pirouette”!
  • For me, the Pirouette Club has long become a second home. Here, my three daughters discover the amazing world of rhythmic gymnastics and uncover new facets and opportunities for themselves. The training conditions, created with great love for their work by the club's director, experienced coaches who have become like family, and the strong friendship among the young gymnasts - this is only a small part of what inspires us and leads us to conquer new heights in sports!
  • I would like to sincerely thank our wonderful rhythmic gymnastics club Pirouette for providing our girls with the opportunity not only to learn the basics of this incredibly beautiful sport, but also to achieve significant success!
    The training process is carried out at a very high level:
    • The club has wonderful coaches who are  real professionals, who not only find a personal approach to each gymnast, but also invest their heart and knowledge, which ultimately leads to excellent results.
    • The conditions for training (sports groups  have trainings 5 times a week for 3.5 hours!) are simply beyond praise. The club has its own very beautiful, modern, comfortable and multifunctional training center, which is a pleasure for both the girls and the parents. Not every club can offer such conditions for classes!
    • Our club organizes numerous competitions, master classes and training camps, where highly qualified specialists are invited, which motivates the girls and gives them the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills.
    • As a mother of a gymnast who has been training in this wonderful club for almost 5 years, I am very satisfied with the level of classes, the atmosphere and, most importantly, the results! I want to say a huge thank you to the management of the Pirouette club and the coaches for making our children's lives full, active and harmonious.
  • I want to leave my review about the Pirouette club. First of all, I want to express my immense gratitude to the club's management, represented by Yuditskaya Anastasia Andreevna, for the opportunity to train and develop in such luxurious conditions. Also, a huge thank you to our coaches Anastasia Yevgenyevna, Tatiana Aleksandrovna, and Ume Pavlovna for their hard work, patience, and results! Our club participates in many competitions, both city, regional, and international, with great success! 💪🏆🥇 And all this is because Pirouette Sports Club has everything necessary for training (a luxurious center, it's HUGE, not stuffy, with professional and, most importantly, clean carpets, and for girls who train 3-4 hours 5 times a week, this is very important, as well as an equipped area for choreography, convenient changing rooms, and everything is clean, comfortable, and peaceful). The groups are small, so each gymnast is given the necessary attention and time. And, of course, the most important thing is the young but experienced coaches. The coach of my elder daughter, Anastasia Yevgenyevna, is very demanding and attentive to the girls, as well as to the parents (which is also important☝️). She always praises (if there is something to praise 😊), suggests what to pay attention to at home, and provides individual training if necessary. My elder daughter has been training at Pirouette Sports Club since 2016, and during this time, she has learned a lot. Five years of intensive training have borne fruit. We are very proud of her! The younger one is also on the team, and she still has everything ahead of her!
    To all moms who are thinking about where to send their little princess to train, I definitely recommend coming to OUR club and becoming part of our team!!!

  • Pirouette, our beloved Pirouette.
    When I brought my 3-year-old poppet to Pirouette club for the first time, I couldn't have imagined that this place would become a magnet... a home, a real family with the closest people and the warmest relationships. In a few days, my almost grown-up girl will turn 9... and all these years we've been living in a magical country! Here, you need to work, work tirelessly up a  sweat, but when you see the results, when you feel overwhelmed with pride for your child, you realize that it's all worth it! Training, competitions, training camps, club championships, and celebrations - life is in full swing!!!
    Thank you, Pirouette club, for our happy childhood!

  • My daughter has been going to this club for 5 years. Our coach, Alexandra Dmitrievna, is a wonderful person and has been working with my daughter since she was 3 years old. The coach knows how to approach each child individually and creates amazing beautiful routines for performances. She takes the process of preparing for performances very seriously and gives every child a chance to participate in competitions, which is very important. Overall, we are very satisfied with the club..
  • Pirouette is our second home! Many thanks to our coach - Alexandra Dmitrievna, for her professionalism and boundless love for children! Thank you for the high level of preparation of our girls! The routines that Alexandra Dmitrievna creates are works of art!!! All club events are well organized. Our club has a beautiful, spacious center, high ceilings, and clean comfortable changing rooms. I am very happy that my girls are training in a club of such a high level!!!
  • My daughter has been training at the "Pirouette" for five years now. Our group has a wonderful friendly atmosphere, all thanks to our best coach, Alexandra Dmitrievna! The girls participate in competitions, receive titles, and go to competitions in Moscow. The coach pays close attention to the girls' health, there is no race for results, the priority is not to harm. The conditions are good: a large training area with high ceilings, a small choreography hall, changing rooms with lockable lockers, clean and warm.
  • My daughter (2016) has been training at the Pirouette club for one year. This is the first place where our journey in this wonderful sport began. Over the course of this year, my daughter has shown excellent results. After three months of training in the junior group and participating in two sports tests tournaments, the coach saw potential in her and transferred her to the senior group with the opportunity to create a routine without an apparatus and participate with her in tournaments. Our coach, Farkash Anastasia Alexeevna, puts her soul into her work, fully devoted to the sport and always ready to help! We will be happy to continue achieving sports heights with the Pirouette club.

  • I want to thank rhythmic gymnastics club Pirouette for the opportunity to engage in this beautiful sport! We have been training at the club since 2018 and have never regretted coming here. From the training areas to the tournaments - everything is at the highest level! The entire coaching staff are great professionals, they get along well with the girls, motivate them to achieve and never stand still! I want to express my special thanks to our coach, Farkash Anastasia Alexeevna, with her my daughter has repeatedly become the absolute winner of tournaments! We have many plans and goals ahead of us, and we will pursue them with Pirouette!
  • My daughter has been training at Pirouette for three years. Our coach is Alevtina Vladimirovna. She took Kirа when she was still a little girl and is raising her, conquering new heights with her. She immediately found an approach to my daughter. My daughter adores her and always happily runs to training. Since she was 4.5 years old, we have participated in many competitions, both at our club and away. We are very grateful to the club and the coach for such an opportunity!

  • A wonderful club with a professional and attentive coaching staff. A very good result over three years of training. My daughter goes there with pleasure, despite any difficulties, pain, but goes with a smile and really loves her coach, Darya Andreevna Guseva. Huge thanks to the entire club team! I recommend Pirouette for  rhythmic gymnastics training!
  • We have been training at Pirouette club with coach Anastasia Alekseevna since September 2021. Anastasia Alekseevna is a wonderful coach, a professional who is kind, attentive, and respectful to every gymnast.  It is very important to me since my daughter is 5 years old and  she is very sensitive by nature. We really love our coach! The club is always clean and cozy, and it's comfortable to wait for the child in the changing room. We have participated in three competitions over the year. The organization of competitions at Pirouette club is sat high level. Everything is beautiful  and some with taste. Medals are unusual beauty. We train with pleasure! Thank you!
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